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Do you want to be well prepared for the future by understanding blockchain, being able to use it and being able to critically analyze the (possible) applications?
At FlowChain Academy we offer tailor-made training courses to meet your needs. FlowChain Academy is the training institute for understanding and developing blockchain solutions, where no programming knowledge is required.

“If you can model it, you don’t have to code it”

By modeling processes in flowcharts, our method can be used to develop software that is fully in line with the modeled process. In this way, the software supports the realization of the goals of an organization. In our training courses we discuss this method in detail and how blockchain can be of absolute added value in it.


Why choose FlowChain Academy?


  • Free intake interview to map out your wishes
  • Unique and in-depth offer with no prior knowledge required
  • Direct link from theory to practice
  • Extensive (individual) attention to the added value for you and your organization
  • Opportunities to enter into sustainable partnerships
  • After successfully completing a training you will receive an official certificate that is stored on a blockchain