We teach organizations how to create their own software solution for managing business processes, without programming.

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When business processes are well designed and supported by ICT,
everyone wins.

Of designing smart processes

Organizations that want to be future-proof should work process-based and data-driven. Data only provides information if the context, the business process, is properly understood. Next, understanding the course and execution of processes ensures that decisions and policies can be based on factual information from operations.

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Towards fully supportive ICT

In order to consistently deliver quality and improve performance, there is a need for sustainably designed processes that are fully supported by ICT systems. These systems must provide insight and guidance, so that the right information is available to the right people at the right time.

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Without programming

Through our unique partnerships, we can offer a method by which process descriptions can be directly converted into customized ICT systemswithout any programming knowledge required. From a complete process description, dashboards can be generated fully automatically for every role within the process.

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FlowChain Academy is the training institute for next-generation workflow software developers.


The FlowChain Method

Business approach

Business administration is central to our approach. This means that the focus is on the content of the business processes: “From People and Processes to IT”

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Own modeling method

The modeling language GOLE is very user-friendly and offers the possibility to represent complex processes in a very clear and complete way.

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No code solution

Through our partnership with
every participant can generate their own workflow software. The method is a model-driven approach in which the process is central.

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Private Blockchain technology

A new technology to optimize, automate and implement business processes. The unique trust in the stored data offers certainty and new possibilities.


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own modeling for data an business logic

When executing processes, data is consumed and produced. Our modeling method offers an instrument to easily and clearly map out which information is needed where and when.


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Diverse and specialized team

Our team includes trainers with backgrounds in research, education, IT and business. We share a broad experience and passion in designing and improving business processes in the simplest way possible.


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University of Groningen

“FlowChain was the ideal partner for the GDBC of the University of Groningen for providing the Learning Community ‘Blockchain & Business Processes’. FlowChain knows better than anyone how to relate scientific knowledge to practice: where and how can the various techniques be useful for the business and especially the processes in that business. The approach works. Students succeeded in establishing this relationship through the way of transferring knowledge combined with the relationship with practice. The GDBC is looking forward to future collaborations with FlowChain.”

Director and Project Leader
Groningen Digital Business Center

TRIP Lawyers & Notaries

“Digitalization optimizes processes: speed goes up and costs go down. This leaves you time for customization and attention for the customer. Before you digitize a process or even put it in a private blockchain, you have to unravel it completely. Due to the training courses and the advice, we concluded that 25 steps are needed to achieve a mortgage cancellation, and that you can automate about 18 of them. In just a few weeks, we built a working blockchain using the OLE method.”

TRIP Lawyers & Notaries


“After only a few training sessions, students visualized our HR process in a case study, optimized it and delivered a fully working demo of a supporting and tailor-made IT system. By using NorthChain’s technology, this was possible in a very short period of time and without the students having to program. The system helps us perform HR tasks and provides real-time insight into all important statistics and open tasks.”

HR Manager

UniPartners Groningen

“We learned a lot about blockchain technology in several sessions, as well as visualizing, improving and controlling business processes using the OLE method. The first session was filled with all important Blockchain fundamentals to get to know this technology and its applications. In the follow-up sessions, we went deeper into the subject matter and immediately applied our knowledge to relevant (homework) assignments. During the sessions there was plenty of room for questions and discussion, so that all ambiguities became immediately clear. Thanks to the guidance from FlowChain, we can now get started on setting up great projects at UniPartners in the field of Blockchain and the OLE method.”

Chairman & Project Manager
UniPartners Groningen


Who have we already trained?

Workflow Modelers

Workflow Consultants

Workflow Engineers

Process management is about improving the organization of daily work


Process Thinking as the Basis for Improvement
Thinking in terms of processes puts the customer or client at the center. To best serve them, work must be organized efficiently and effectively. An essential part of this is the smart organization of data: Who delivers what information, and when? Who needs what information when?

From cleverly designed processes develop perfectly fitting ICT
ICT should support and not hinder business processes. It should Support the effectiveness and efficiency of employees by providing insight into tasks, exposing bottlenecks and automating administrative tasks. This allows organizations to better utilize their workforce and add more value. Therefore, developing ICT must start with mapping the process and the needs of the employees.

Every success formula of an organization consists of the right interaction between people, processes, data and technology.


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