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We provide education on process management, process modeling, workflow software and blockchain technology for various educational institutions. Our offerings are diverse and include:

  • Complete subject line
  • Courses focusing on Process Management and Blockchain
  • Workshops and Case Studies
  • (Guest) Colleges and Seminars
  • Masterclasses


Our offerings are aimed at preparing students well for the future, where the ability to design, analyze and implement data-driven business processes is becoming increasingly important.



In addition, we provide tooling to support students in modeling business processes and developing process management applications(workflow software), without the need for any programming knowledge. The tooling is unique and offers students from different backgrounds the opportunity to learn about innovative process management, dashboards, automation and ICT applications and blockchain technology in a low-threshold way.


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FlowChain Academy is the training institute that prepares students and organizations for the digital future.


Subject line

FlowChain Academy offers a complete and broadly applicable line of subjects at various learning levels.

The purpose of the subject line is to prepare students from different study backgrounds for the future field, in which process-oriented and data-driven work will become the norm.

The subject line consists of several modules, covering the total package of process management. This includes important topics such as process thinking, process modeling, design, analysis, improvement and implementation in supporting software.

Upon completion of the subject line, students will be able to think of solutions from a process perspective, analyze the applicability of innovations (such as blockchain), and design, improve and digitize workflows. Within the subjects, the focus is on developing and testing practical and broadly applicable skills.

Feel free to contact with us to discuss the possibilities.

Colleges & Workshops

FlowChain Academy believes it is important to contribute to strengthening the connection between practice and theory. We have broad experience in effectively imparting knowledge through (guest) lectures, workshops and master classes.

In (guest) lectures and master classes, we discussed, among other things, various topics in process management, data management, data integration, data virtualization, innovative technologies such as blockchain and RPA, workflow software, Smart Industries (Indsutry 4.0) and our No-Code solution that allows process models to be translated directly into a software application.

Partly thanks to the cooperation with software suppliers and consultancy parties, various and interesting cases can be treated in workshops or master classes for different target groups. Educational institutions can also submit their own cases, which we can work on together.

Feel free to contact with us to discuss the possibilities.

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