Blockchain Engineer



Together with NorthChain BV , an own modeling language has been designed and a method developed to map processes effectively. These process models form the blueprint of a blockchain solution. Subsequently, these process models can be translated into a structured natural language called OLE (Objects, Logic, English). This language then forms the input for the compiler to generate error-free blockchain code. More about how this works and how this language was developed can be found here.

This training is intended for anyone who wants to independently generate a workflow software solution that uses blockchain technology for a process.

      After completing this training you will be able to:

      • Determining whether and how blockchain is of added value
      • Describe and visualize a complex (business) process in completeness
      • Optimizing and validating a complex (business) process
      • Explain how a blockchain solution is made for a complex (business) process
      • Translating a complex (business) process into reliable business software based on blockchain technology
      • Working with and according to the OLE method
      • Explain and set up workflow dashboards and Oracles

      This training includes the full Blockchain and Process Consultant training

      After successfully completing this course, you will be able to access:


      • The treated material
      • (Demo) Workflow dashboard and use cases
      • Knowledge sharing: quarterly or semi-annual event
      • Extensive FAQ
      • (Re)certification
      • Access to supporting back office (direct line/urgent inquiries)
      • Access the OLE editor
      • The time investment for the training is about three to four full days.
      • For an in-company training we ask an investment of 2395 euros per person.
      • For a training at our location we ask an investment of 2445 euros per person.
      • The costs for the service contract per month depend on the number of people who use it from the same organization. This will be discussed during the preparation of the offer.
      • You can request a quote by clicking the button below.