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We can provide education in the field of process management, process modeling and blockchain for various educational institutions. In this way, students can be well prepared for the future, in which the ability to analyze and design data-driven processes is becoming increasingly important.

Subjects & Subject Line

From FlowChain Academy, we offer fully catered and widely applicable courses at different levels. The aim of these courses is to prepare students for a future focused on process management. Analyzing, designing and optimizing processes, and the link with IT are central to this.

After completing our courses, students can, for example, come up with solutions from a process-based perspective, analyze the applicability of innovations (such as RPA and Blockchain) and set up and improve workflows. Our courses focus on developing practical skills.

By using a hybrid education method, with both physical and digital education (E-learning), we can scale up quickly and easily. We also provide assignments and online assessments according to all Bloom levels.

Guest lectures

At FlowChain Academy, we think it is important to contribute to strengthening the connection between practice and theory. In guest lectures we can share our knowledge and talk about our and the experiences of our partners in practice.

Examples of topics:

  • Process management
  • Process Modeling
  • From Process to IT
  • Workflow Software
  • Smart Industries (Industry 4.0)
  • Blockchain
  • Smart Contracts
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Workshops and Case Studies

The link between theory and practice is probably best established by having students work on practical cases. Our partnerships enable us to offer interesting and diverse cases for different target groups.

In addition, educational institutions can submit their own cases, for example by collaborating with an organisation, which we can work with together using our methodology.

Feel free to contact us for the possibilities and to discuss your ideas.

Who have we already trained?

Who have we already trained?

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