Frequently Asked Questions…

Supply-oriented questions

What prior knowledge do I need for a training?

Not a single one!

How many people can FlowChain train per training?

This depends on the workout. The more advanced the training, the more individual attention is required.

Content-oriented questions

What is the difference between a public and private blockchain?

New technology can often be explained more clearly with the help of analogies. This also applies to blockchain, and in particular the difference between public and private. A public blockchain can be compared to the internet where everyone can (anonymously) look around and post content. A private blockchain can be compared to an intranet: a closed environment in which not everyone can just look around or post content and where the users are identified.

Do you need internet for a blockchain?

A simple answer: yes!

Where is a blockchain stored?

The characteristic of a blockchain is that it is distributed over different places so that everyone has the same data.

How big is a blockchain?

This depends on how much data you add to the blockchain. This is generally very little for business applications.

How secure is a blockchain?

Compared to a database, a blockchain does not have a single point of attack. In addition, a blockchain can be reconstructed if, for example, a node fails, this reconstruction is made possible because the blockchain is stored in different places.

How much power does a blockchain consume?

This depends on the type of blockchain. The consumption of a private blockchain is negligible compared to a public blockchain where (in some cases) energy-intensive mining is done.

Is blockchain the solution for everything?

Certainly not. After our training you will be able to make an objective judgment about this yourself.

How expensive is a blockchain?

For a private blockchain application, this depends on the complexity of the process, i.e. the number of process steps/process throughput and connection to external systems. However, the price does not depend on the number of users.